We ship our Certified Organic Skincare and Essential oils worldwide

We ship our natural, certified organic skincare range and essential oils worldwide. Our clients are mainly in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other asian region. We use EMS, FedEx for shipping and PayPal for payment method. Please feel free to ask us in English about products and other services.



1. Please fill out ORDER FORM in English.

2. We inform you shipping cost for your shipping address so please confirm and reply to us.

3. We send you a PayPal email to you once we receive your confirmation.

4. We advise you a tracking number for EMS or FedEx in a email once we ship out your order.

5. Enjoy our organic and natural products!

- We also accept orders with emails, fax and phone. - We accept "Drop shipping" on our skincare products if the total value is above JPY32400.
If it is a drop shipping order, please specify "It is drop shipping" and the price on the custom invoice on your order or confirmation email.
- We provide a service to send goods to your transfer service office to your country as well. We arrange almost anything for your shipping issues.
- We also provide a custom manufacturing service for your brand. Please feel free to ask us from the ORDER FORM in English.

Please feel free to ask us in English at info @ herbalindex.co.jp or +81 53 415 8300 Trading hours 9:00 - 17:00 Mon to Fri (Local time in Japan). We are really happy to support your daily life and business over here. Thank you.

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